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El Don Quijote Árabe

A friend of mine sent me a wonderful article written by Dr Syed Nomanul Haq, a Social Sciences and Liberal Arts professor in Karachi, Pakistan and a visiting faculty in Near Eastern Languages at the University of Pensylvania.  The article, from “Books and Authors” April 3rd, 2016, is ‘Don Quixote: Cervantes’s “Arabic Tale”’. It’s very interesting and insightful and I was pleased that finally somebody from academia was aware of it.

What surprised me is that what he said is not common knowledge among Spanish academics. As a graduate student in the year 2000 I published an article along the same lines, hoping that it would call the attention of some professors, but the review I received was something like this: “If what you said is true, why doesn’t everybody know about it?” Continue reading


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