Chevron, bad news

(See English below) ¡Nada mas cierto que el dinero es poder! Malas noticias para los afectados del desastre ecológico en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana. Una corte federal en los EEUU dictaminó que el juicio contra la Chevron  no es válido.  Este fallo hace más improbable que la compañía pague los 19 mil millones de dólares que debe, y que serían mayormente para descontaminar el ambiente (medio millón de …hectáreas contaminadas, 30,000 personas afectadas con cáncer y otras enfermedades). Vease el video en mi Facebook de nuestra ultima visita a la Amazonia.  

Nothing more certain than that money is power! Bad news for those affected by the ecological disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A federal court in the United States ruled the judgement against Chevron invalid. This makes if more improbable that the company will pay the 19 billion dollars it owes, which would have been used, in the main, to decontaminate the half million hectares with 30,000 people afflicted with cancer and other diseases. In a video posted in Facebook (Rita Wirkala or Elwin Wirkala,, which we took during our last visit to the Amazon, Elwin walks in an undulating mass of fern floating over one of the 960 unlined oil pools left by Texaco some 40 years ago. Still, toxic killing…..

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  1. Would like to have a link to the video posted in FB. This is tragic news. Why isn’t an international court deciding on this instead of a US court?

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